Dear ABSi Telecom Customer,

We want to inform you that AT&T has announced a New Network Provisioning Freeze effective immediately through 4/16/2020.

In an effort to limit potential impact during the COVID-19 Declaration of National Emergency, AT&T has decided to implement a network restriction for any planned change activity that could impact FirstNet, 911, or E911 network reliability. As such, we are now in a network freeze for new Short Codes until 4/16 (subject to change) where limited activities will be permitted.

Allowed Activities:

  • Migration of Short codes
  • Changes/Updates to existing campaigns on already live short codes
  • Adding MMS to an existing Short Code
  • Adding a new campaign to an existing Short Code

New Short Code Provisioning will only be done on codes that are somehow related to COVID-19.
Examples include, but not limited to:

  • Internal employee communications
  • News/updates on the virus
  • SMS campaigns to assist specific market segments affected including: universities, airlines, travel agencies, and health organizations.
  • Information i.e. testing locations
  • Education assistance

AT&T, being one of our largest suppliers and this change will affect our ability to perform our mission. 
We will continue to provide support to our existing customers and their services. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support Team in the Mission Control Portal or at

Thank you,

ABSi Telecom

Panasonic Business Telephone System update March 2nd, 2017

Panasonic Unified Communications update.

Products affected:  KX-NS700G, KX-NS700
Version 4.42025  Release Date March 2nd, 2017

What was fixed:

  • Modification for internal diagnostic testing procedure of checker in the production line at Factory.
  • No effect, change or enhancements to system operation.

If your Panasonic KX-NS700G, KX-NS700, or KX-NS1000 needs an upgrade call ABSi Telecom at 770.457.6144

Panasonic Business Telephone System update January 26th, 2017

Panasonic Unified Communications update.

Products affected:  KX-NS700G, KX-NS700, KX-NS1000
Version 4.42024  Release Date January 26th, 2017

What was fixed:

  • WAV file Transfer to ICD Mailbox
  • UC Extension Groups
  • SIP overflow
  • ACD report now counts
  • DB sync caused system reboots
  • Time display in handset
  • DECT paging reset
  • FAX SIP overflow
  • Memory leak by walking extension
  • System reset on incoming call via DISA
  • QSIG trunk unreleased
  • Support for KX-UT133 IP Phones
  • One way audio on CO-CO by QSIG (only affected NS100)
  • One way audio with parked calls (only affected NS100)
  • ONE Look Network – Slave
  • No Audio, Soundless Call

If your Panasonic KX-NS700G, KX-NS700, or KX-NS1000 needs an upgrade call ABSi Telecom at 770.457.6144

Panasonic Next Generation Business Telephone System – KX-NS700

Panasonic Business Telephone System, NS700 and NS100 are the latest small business telephone systems that support up to 1000 users per connected system.  Start as small as 6 telephone lines and a few telephones.  Support for Analog, Digital, IP, SIP, and DECT portable phones.  2-year warranty.    Call ABSi Telecom 770.457.6144

Panasonic 0% Financing
Panasonic 0% Financing


When empty beds equal lost revenue, patient satisfaction is more important than ever to maintaining a
profitable senior care facility. A Panasonic Senior Care Facility Communications Solution is a scalable, cost-effective,
fully-integrated communications and alarm management system that improves patient/resident
satisfaction, caregiver morale, and the company’s bottom line.

The KX-DTU100 can be administered through a centralized
communications server, so the administration is efficient and
convenient. Three one-touch buttons can be centrally programmed
as simple speed dials and can also play back pre-recorded
information of commonly asked questions such as the day’s food and drink menu or general facility announcements, saving staff hours otherwise spent on the phone.